Our Guarantee:

We deliver Customer Engagement through integrating Digital & Direct Marketing  powered by Data Intelligence.

  • Targeted interaction & sales from ideal prospects for your business
  • Double your growth efficiency through customer insight
  • Accelerate your business growth by 10 years ahead


Why outsource Data, Direct & Digital marketing activities?

Companies have long outsourced creative, right-brain marketing activities, such as advertising and promotion campaigns. But a fundamental change is under way: Increasingly, firms are farming out marketing operations and analytics as well. A Forrester Research survey of 650 B2B marketing executives found that 53% aimed to outsource more than half their marketing activities in 2004. 

To create the most value from outsourcing, marketing managers must become expert ringmasters who cherry-pick, develop, and monitor an integrated network of outside suppliers that brings new capabilities to the marketing effort. Above all, management must start seeing its marketing suppliers not as contractors that need to be controlled but as partners that can create shared value over the long term.